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Frequently Asked Questions

Standard delivery period is within 4 working days for mattresses and accessories only, and within 10 working days for beds. However, Huxberry will strive to deliver orders as soon as possible.

Huxberry provides a standard 10-year limited warranty on mattresses and beds against manufacturing defects and workmanship.

All Huxberry mattresses are either supported with a pocket-spring core or all foam support core. Our mattress ranges are padded with high-density foam, memory or cooling gel, and natural latex.

All mattresses should be paired with a waterproof mattress protector or encasement to ensure a clean and hygienic sleep. Our Huxberry mattress protectors are waterproof, UK-grade fire rated and have just been approved as a CDC Level-4 virus blocker.

No, unless a special offer is running. Our premium Huxberry mattress protectors and encasements are available on the website.

Yes, our mattresses typically take 10-15 days to break in.

The Argentia Series mattresses are designed for people looking to upgrade their sleep experience and have better posture support over a bonnell spring or a regular foam/medical mattress. It's ideal for students, young children and budget focused sleepers and designed with affordability in mind (with a premium pocket core). The Argentia EuroTop is one of our best sellers for customers looking for an additional plush padding layer to provide both support and comfort at a very reasonable price.

The Huxberry Westbrook mattress is designed to give premium comfort with plush layers of natural latex and high-density foam over a pocket core. The Westbrook Latex mattress is a great long term mattress for families who want to ensure a super comfortable, consistent and blissful night's sleep.

The Rosedale EuroTop mattress is a high performance mattress with unparalleled comfort. Designed with layers of cooling gel foam, the Rosedale EuroTop mattress is focused on providing optimal thermoregulation (heat management) throughout the course of the night with the highest levels of comfort. It is designed for discerning new age consumers who are focused on an active, performance based healthy lifestyle.

With over 40 years of mattress design experience and supplying some of the largest hotels in the Middle East, a global supply chain sourcing the very best materials, and a state-of-the-art just-in-time UAE based manufacturing facility allows us to offer these premium mattresses at great fair prices.