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Up to 50% off

Non-Spring Mattresses

Sleep soundly with our non-spring mattresses! Our line of foam and latex mattresses provide optimal comfort for a good night's sleep. Say goodbye to noisy springs and uncomfortable pressure points. These non-spring mattresses are designed to contour to your body, offering holistic support.
  • Huxberry Aspen Organic Latex Mattress
    From Dhs. 5,300.00
  • Huxberry ActivGrid Memory Topper
    From Dhs. 4,215.00
  • Save up to 20% Save %
    Huxberry ActivGrid Non-Spring Mattress 180x200
    From Dhs. 4,168.00
  • Huxberry Viceroy Cloud Mattress
    From Dhs. 4,025.00
    Huxberry Aspen Youth Organic Latex Mattress
    From Dhs. 3,445.00
  • Save up to 30% Save %
    Huxberry Organic Latex Topper
    From Dhs. 1,589.00
    Save up to 30% Save %
    Huxberry Memory Gel Topper
    From Dhs. 444.50

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