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Bed Care Guide

Huxberry strives to provide individuals with a quality sleep experience in order to promote healthy, active and positive lifestyle.

The following guidelines will help protect and maximize the life of your investment, while also helping to provide a relaxing and comfortable night’s sleep:

  • Do not place the new mattress on any old or inadequate bed bases.
  • Do not drop or bend the mattress
  • Let the mattress air out for a few hours before covering with your Clean Rest mattress protector or encasement, or Pure Care linens. This will help dissipate the new mattress smell and let the mattress adapt to its new environment.
  • Products with non-standard sizes will not be eligible for exchange or returns.
  • Products must be in its original condition to be eligible for an exchange or return (ie no stains, torn fabric, soiling etc)
  • Furniture Items are not covered in the exchange or return policy, regardless of whether they are in original packaging.
  • Items such as linens, duvets, protectors or any bedding accessories will not be applicable for an exchange or refund for hygiene reasons.
  • Interest accrued via EMIs will not be refunded during the exchange or return cycle.
  • Products ordered by customers working for competitors (both retailers and online brands involved in mattresses, beds, pillows, protectors and other bedroom furnishings) will not be eligible for exchange or returns.
  • Legitimate exchanges will be processed only once on each product type or model.
  • The Return Policy only applies on your first purchase, subsequent orders will void the Return Policy.
  • Please keep your proof of purchase (invoice details) handy while requesting a return.
How To Return A Product

We recommend to read through the following details carefully to understand how to return your product. Please do not send your purchase back to the manufacturer.

Step 1: Send Us An Email

In case your product qualifies for an exchange, please ensure that you’ve used the product for 30 calendar days from the exact date of delivery to request a return.

Products are eligible for 1 exchange only.

Please send us an email to with the following information.

  1. Product Details
  2. Reason For Exchange
  3. Invoice Details
  4. Original Mode of Payment

Our team will reach out within 24hours to assist you your exchange request.

Step 2: Product Inspection

Once we’ve verified your details, we’ll assign a Product Inspection Specialist to process your request, verify the present condition of the product and transport the product back to our facility.

You’re requested to cooperate with our Specialist during this procedure.

We reserve the right to disqualify exchange requests in case the reason shared by a customer doesn’t fall within genuine product dissatisfaction. Please note that products purchased by customers working for competitors (both retailers and online brands involved in mattresses, beds, pillows, protectors and other bedroom furnishings) and other companies operating in our domain will not be eligible for exchanges.

In case the product is damaged, soiled, torn or stained, our Product Inspection Specialist will discuss this further with you to understand the eligibility of your exchange request.

If the refund request is genuine and if the product is in good condition, we will take immediate measures to process your exchange request and take your valuable feedback to improve our products further.

Please note that you will not be responsible for paying for exchange shipping costs as the returned mattress will be collected at the time of delivery of the new mattress.