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17 Wardrobe Design Ideas for Your Bedroom

17 Wardrobe Design Ideas for Your Bedroom

From the sleek lines of modern marvels to the timeless elegance of classic craftsmanship, from ingenious space-saving solutions to opulent bespoke creations, wardrobe design is an opportunity to make a statement, to infuse your personal touch, and to create a space that is uniquely yours.

Step into the realm of wardrobe design, where the mundane transforms into the extraordinary, and where a piece of furniture becomes a work of art. Your bedroom deserves more than just a functional closet; it deserves a wardrobe that is as stylish as it is practical, as innovative as it is charming.

In this blog, we invite you to explore an eclectic array of wardrobe design ideas, each a testament to the infinite possibilities that exist to enhance your bedroom. 

The Four Stages of Designing Your Perfect Wardrobe

Stage 1: Measure the Space

Commence your wardrobe design journey by meticulously gauging the available space. Measure from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, ensuring precision. Account for door clearance, be it hinged or sliding, and the assembly process. Employ essential tools like a tape measure, level, and pencil to delineate your space's boundaries.

Stage 2: Choose the Style and Color

Customise your wardrobe to align with your tastes and room decor. Choose between classic or modern aesthetics, opt for wood or metal finishes, decide on solid or glass doors, and handpick the perfect knobs or handles. Alternatively, infuse a unique twist with an open wardrobe concept.

Stage 3: Choose the Interior Layout

Tailor your wardrobe's interior to cater to your storage requirements. Integrate drawers, shelves, racks, trays, hangers, and other accessories to maintain impeccable organisation for your attire and accessories. Precisely calibrate the height and placement of these components to accommodate your specific items.

Stage 4: Choose the Lighting

Enhance functionality and accessibility through the incorporation of suitable lighting solutions. Explore options such as LED strips, spotlights, sensor lights, or intelligent lighting systems. Command your lighting with switches, remotes, or user-friendly apps for an added layer of convenience.

Your wardrobe can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, offering you a sense of order and tranquillity each time you step into your bedroom. 

17 Wardrobe Designs to Suit Every Taste, Style, and Space

 01. Sliding Door Wardrobe Design

Opt for a sliding door wardrobe in small or narrow spaces, as it saves precious room without sacrificing style. Effortlessly glide the doors to access your clothes, and its chic design seamlessly complements any bedroom decor, infusing a sleek and modern ambiance.

 02. Transparent Glass Door Wardrobe Design

Enhance room elegance with glass wardrobe doors, especially beneficial in compact apartments. These doors create an airy, stylish feel and cleverly expand the perception of space. The transparent or translucent glass allows light to penetrate, visually enlarging the room even when the wardrobe serves dual purposes.

 03. Mirrored Door Wardrobe Design

Mirrored wardrobe doors offer a multitude of advantages. They amplify space and brightness within your bedroom, create extra wall room for clothing, and offer additional storage possibilities. Plus, they double as a convenient dressing mirror for those final outfit checks before stepping out.

 04. Modular Wardrobe With Inbuilt Dressing Table Design 

Consider a modular wardrobe equipped with an integrated dressing table for an efficient combination of storage and grooming. Customise it with drawers, shelves, and racks for clothing and accessories, and complete it with a dressing table featuring a mirror and lights. This multitasking unit can also serve as a practical workstation.

 05. Black Wardrobe with Dark Reflective Glass Design

Immerse your bedroom in bold sophistication with a black wardrobe featuring dark reflective glass. This design introduces captivating contrast to your room's ambiance while adding depth and shine. Its versatility suits various styles, including minimalistic, contemporary, or industrial aesthetics.

06. Light-Shaded and Single Coloured Wardrobe Design

Wardrobe choices extend beyond dark woods and serious tones. Opt for a light-shaded wardrobe to instil calm and serenity in your bedroom, while a single-coloured wardrobe offers harmony and consistency. Explore a range of light shades such as white, beige, cream, or pastel to create your desired ambiance.

07. Full Wall Wardrobe Design

Efficiently utilise your bedroom's wall space with a full wall wardrobe design. From floor to ceiling, this wardrobe offers numerous compartments and sections for storing clothes, shoes, and bags. It optimises every inch of space, making it ideal for those who value a tidy and organised home.

08. Blue Wardrobe Design 

Elevate your bedroom's ambiance with a refreshing and soothing blue wardrobe design. Blue, known for its calming properties, pairs beautifully with white or grey tones to create a cool and cosy atmosphere. A blue-themed bedroom promotes tranquillity, improved sleep, and heightened productivity through enhanced moods and energy levels.

09. Wooden Wardrobe Design 

Choose timeless and durable wooden wardrobe designs that endure for years. Wooden wardrobes offer built-in drawers and shelves for efficient clothing and accessory organisation. Select from oak, pine, walnut, or cherry wood options to match rustic, traditional, or modern styles.

10. Freestanding Old Fashioned Cupboard Design

Infuse vintage charm into your bedroom with freestanding old-fashioned cupboards. These standalone furniture pieces feature doors, drawers, shelves, and hooks to store clothes and accessories. Their ornate details and antique look can be found in flea markets or thrift stores.

11. Cupboard with Full-Length Mirror Design

Simplify your morning routine with a practical cupboard featuring a single full-length mirror. This spacious cupboard offers ample storage for clothes and other items, while the mirror instantly freshens your space and speeds up outfit checks before you step out.

12. Splash of Colour Wardrobe Design

Inject fun and personality into your bedroom with a wardrobe adorned in a splash of colour. Paint or wallpaper one or more wardrobe doors with bright or bold colours, creating a striking contrast with the room's overall decor. Mix and match colours or patterns for a unique and creative wardrobe design.

13. L-Shaped Wardrobe Design

Maximise space utilisation with L-shaped wardrobes, perfect for fitting into any room, especially corners or awkward spaces. Customise this design to follow your wall's shape and maximise storage. This setup creates a cosy corner, ideal for a reading nook or shoe storage.

14. Narrow Cupboard by the Window Design

For compact bedrooms, consider space-saving narrow cupboards. Budget-friendly and discreet, these cupboards incorporate built-in shelves or cabinets to store belongings, freeing up valuable floor space. Don't overlook bedroom storage when redesigning or building your home.


15. Wardrobe with TV Panel Design

Enhance wardrobe functionality with a TV Panel Wardrobe, maintaining a well-organised space. This sleek and stylish wardrobe features a hidden or revealable TV panel through sliding or folding doors. Enjoy your favourite shows from the comfort of your bed, all while storing clothes and personal items.


16. Wardrobe with a Loft Design

Utilise vertical space efficiently with a wardrobe design featuring a loft. Store infrequently used items like suitcases, blankets, or seasonal clothes in the loft. This design element adds a cosy, rustic feel to your bedroom.


17. Wardrobe with a Study Desk Design

Combine workspace and storage with a wardrobe design featuring a study desk. A sleek, modern wardrobe comes equipped with a folding or sliding desk that can be pulled out for work or study. Maximise space and organise your bedroom efficiently.


In conclusion, 

Armed with the knowledge and inspiration necessary to craft your dream wardrobe – a harmonious blend of style and utility, you're well-prepared to personalise your bedroom. Whether you're optimising limited space, introducing sophistication through glass or mirrors, or prioritising functionality with built-in features, your wardrobe holds the potential to redefine your room and simplify your daily life. It's vital to ensure your wardrobe design harmonises with your personal preferences and room dynamics.

When embarking on your wardrobe planning journey, take into account your available space, your unique style, and your distinct storage needs. These 17 wardrobe design concepts stand as a wellspring of ideas, guiding you in fashioning the perfect wardrobe that not only complements your bedroom but also serves as a functional masterpiece, enriching your daily routine and enhancing your bedroom's sanctity.

Should you desire a professional's input, don't hesitate to reach out to the experts at Huxberry. They can provide valuable guidance to bring your wardrobe vision to life. 

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