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The Huxberry Story

Huxberry was founded to develop a new kind of mattress company. As parents with young families, we wanted to create incredible sleep products that focused on healthy revitalizing sleep for ourselves and our children. And that’s what we set out to do.

We started by scouring the world for materials that provide the very best in comfort - from next generation highly resilient materials to premium natural and sustainable comfort layers, and lots more. Our Huxberry mattresses are designed to blend these comfort layers to provide a perfect night's sleep.

Second, we focused on high quality craftsmanship in producing the mattresses. Our team has honed their expertise in producing mattresses for some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. This same craftsmanship and attention to detail is part of the DNA of every Huxberry mattress.

Finally, we wanted to adopt an innovative online business model, complemented with an in-store experience to make luxury mattress shopping easier for everyone. This would replace the confusing, exhausting environment of the traditional mattress store with a focus on whats best for our customers.

Huxberry will continue its mission of bringing a healthy night's sleep for everyone by following it’s founding principles: Sell a high quality product at a fair price, offer the absolute best customer service, and appreciate and respect our employees, our communities, and our environment.